Jonni Redick

Leadership is calling as the arc of justice from the outcry of Americans from across the nation is demanding trust and legitimacy. It’s now your time to answer.


Jonni Redick

From county clerical worker to breaking through the “less-than-one-percent” ceiling to become an African American woman in executive leadership with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as an Assistant Chief, Jonni Redick is a 29-year veteran of the California Highway Patrol. In a multi-billion-dollar organization, she oversaw large scale civil disturbance, natural disaster response coordination and oversight, and managed hundreds of personnel within daily operations. 


Her progression from front line police work to executive leadership generated her passion for cultivating trust and legitimacy in organizational cultures.  She now builds 21st Century leaders as the founder and CEO of JLConsulting Solutions (JLCS) where she works with police executives in law enforcement and public safety, CEOs in corporate, government, and nonprofit businesses.


She is a thought leader in law enforcement and educates public safety and law enforcement leaders across the country through the University of San Diego. Jonni Redick is also the author of “Survival Guide” to Law Enforcement Promotional Preparation and book “Black, White & Blue: Surviving the Sifting.” 


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We all need champions who are transcendental to our journey. None of us can achieve success without some help along the way.

In this powerful memoir, Retired Assistant Chief Jonni Redick shares her story revealing her personal struggles through an unarmored lens on her success derived through the sifting process that has taken place over her life.  Her leadership ascension in law enforcement is wrapped around reflective moments of a broken childhood, divorce, loss, her racial identity and surrendering to her call to lead. She shares vulnerable moments that allow others to see themselves through her resilience and perseverance. Through the mind fields of her story, she shines a light on the power of believing, trusting, and striving for excellence. 


Black, White, and Blue is one of the most prolific books on leadership and overcoming tremendous odds that would have mandated retreat by most. Redick takes the reader on her life’s journey from her tumultuous childhood to breaking the glass ceiling of the “less than one-percent” in her organization as a woman of color as an Assistant Chief for the California Highway Patrol. Oftentimes societal odds will be against you, but as she developed a vision for herself, strong mentors, deep compassion for striving for excellence, she excelled. Come inside the book to view the principles, strategies, systems and “real talk” used to overcome and elevate her to the highest levels in law enforcement.




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